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Commentaries, analyses and opinion pieces on various topics of interest related to New Zealand's role and engagement in the Asia-Pacific region.

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New Zealand's relations with Asia

  • In December 2013, the New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies published a special issue on the bilateral relationship between South Korea and New Zealand. To discuss that bilateral relationship, why students should study about Korea and what the future might hold for the Korean peninsula, we talk that issue's editor - the University of Auckland’s Professor Kenneth Wells. (MP3 - 7MB)

  • We talk to Oxford University’s Professor Rosemary Foot, the 2014 Kippenberger Fellow at the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, about why China matters and how New Zealand’s views of China may differ to those in other parts of the world. (MP3 - 5.9MB)

Asia region

  • Our research director Dr Andrew Butcher talks to Paul Sinclair about Southeast Asia and Track II diplomacy in the region. Sinclair, currently regional security fellow in the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, has a long and distinguished career as an official for the New Zealand government.  (MP3 - 3.5MB)

  • La Trobe University’s Professor Nick Bisley talks to Dr Andrew Butcher about the major challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, Australian foreign policy under Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and the initiative La Trobe Asia. (MP3 - 7.14MB)   


  • On 7 September 2013, Australia voted Tony Abbott as their new prime minister, leading a Liberal-National coalition government. In this podcast, Dr Andrew Butcher speaks to Dr Andrew Carr, of the Australian National University, about what this result will mean for Australia’s foreign policy in Asia, and what implications it will have for the “Australia in the Asian Century” white paper and for trans-Tasman relations. (MP3 - 5.2MB)                                                                                                                                      


  • US-China ties crucial for Asia's security - We report on the visit to Wellington by Edward Carr, The Economist foreign editor. (October 2010)

  • Australia's real China problem - Dr Robert Ayson is currently Senior Fellow in the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre. In this article he discusses Australia's increasing fraught relationship with China

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