Wild wolf in China

Kiwi visual effects (VFX) expert Matt Westbrooke worked his wizardry on the shoot of the film version of Chinese best seller 'Wolf Totem'. 

The unique experience gave him an insight into the rapidly expanding film industry in China, where nine new screens open every day and total box office revenue is now second only to the United States.

Asia New Zealand Foundation 20th Anniversary

Insight: Informed commentary

Dancers from Vietnam National Opera and Ballet company

The diverse cuisines and cultures of Southeast Asia will transform Wellington's waterfront Friday 13 March and Saturday 14 March



Jeremy Webb talking about social media

China social media guru Jeremy Webb says businesses need to adapt content to what people are already talking about to win them over



Lennie Law at Digital Jungle

Trading a Kiwi summer for a Beijing winter turned life upside down for Digital Jungle intern Lennie Law

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