We’re dedicated to improving coverage of Asia in the New Zealand media. We provide grants and journalism placements to help New Zealand journalists travel to – and learn more about – Asia. We also have information for journalists wanting to work in the region.

The nature of Aimee Gulliver’s two-month internship at news website Malaysiakini changed drastically when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

We asked about her experiences covering the plane’s disappearance.


TV3 interviewing Phil Cooper in Tacloban

Field notes

Stories from our journalism interns and grant recipients about their time in Asia

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TVNZ crew in Japan covering a story about Japanese survivors of the Canterbury earthquake

Covering Asia

As a working journalist, what do you need to know before going to Asia? Consult our online country guide.

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Media seminar

Asia correspondents

Commentary from Asia journalists and media experts, as well as information from seminars linked to the journalism programme's activities

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