Developing Asia Aware Teachers Guide

Having a supportive and enthusiastic staff is vital to creating an Asia Aware school. With that in mind, the Asia New Zealand Foundatio has created The Developing Asia Aware Teachers Guide for principals, curriculum leaders and Asia Aware champions. It contains ideas and resources you can use to lead teachers and school leaders toward a deeper understanding of Asia and its importance to New Zealand.

The guide is designed to be used by school leaders to facilitate discussions with teachers on the need to create opportunities for students to become Asia Aware, and to have them consider how they can include Asian content and contexts in their teaching and learning.

The guide has five modules, which you can use sequentially or independently depending on the needs of your group.

Topics within each module each fit within the timeframe of a single meeting, and contains one or two activities to complete. Topics link to supporting resources that include video clips, websites and discussion templates.

The five modules

  1. Initiating Asia awareness
  2. Intercultural and cross-cultural understandings
  3. A school-wide curriculum focus
  4. Curriculum focus: secondary level
  5. Sustaining Asia awareness

Further reading

The following resources are suggested as background reading and reference material for school and departmental leaders to guide discussions about having Asia as a focus within teaching and learning programmes.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2013