Opportunities in China

M Literary Residency - India or China

The programme invites applications for its three-month residency for writers of fiction, literary non-fiction or poetry. The residency has been established to disseminate a broader knowledge of contemporary life and writing in India and China today, and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic interaction.

Art Channel Artists Residency Programme, Beijing

The Art Channel Artists Residency Programme is designed for artists, writers, curators, musicians, academics and researchers who want to create projects in visual arts, sculpture, ceramics, performing arts, textile art, music, literature, educational programmes and new media.  Residencies are typically three weeks to six months. Costs and funding are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Email Art Channel for more information.

Beijing Studio Center

Beijing Studio Centre is a residency programme for international visual artists, writers and curators.  Residents will engage with local artists, writers, critics and craftspeople to exchange ideas and foster professional growth. BSC provides the opportunity to access a wide range of art resources such as ceramic and glass workshops, bronze and steel workshops, and traditional crafts such as Chinese lacquer and cloisonné.  Each of the residencies includes a public programme and artists can also join the local artists’ group exhibition or performance. Residencies are one month to a year.

BizArt Residency Programme, Shanghai

BizArt has been at the forefront of the Shanghai art scene, with active involvement in experimental contemporary art exhibitions and art events and a commitment to supporting young local artists. In recent times BizArt has split its exhibition space in half to include a full production studio for artists-in-residence from China and abroad. International visiting artists gain professional and artistic development through working with BizArt and responding to a new cultural, social and artistic context. BizArt’s artist-in-residence programme, part of its Compass Project, aims to create a network throughout Asia between artistic organisations, artists and curators. 

Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen

The Chinese European Art Center is a non-profit cultural institution operating in the fields of visual arts, design, architecture, literature and music. CEAC is part of Xiamen University, Xiamen, but operates independently. The Artists in Residence Programme is open to visual artists, designers, composers/musicians, writers and architects.  Artists from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, the United States of Anerica, New Zealand and Cyprus have been invited as CEAC artists in residence for three-months to half a year stay.  The fee is 600-800 euro per month.  CEAC do not offer grants, so artists must seek funding in their home countries.

Imagine Gallery, Beijing

Imagine Gallery’s residency programme is open to international artists and curators in the media of visual arts, sculpture, performing arts and music.  The Gallery Space is set in a "factory style" site where there are a series of working and living studios for Chinese and international artists.  Participants are required to cover the costs of living, accommodation and studio, and to participate in the costs of the printing of their Exhibition invitations and Opening.

Lijiang Studio, Yunnan

Lijiang Studio provides living and shared working space, and facilitation for international, Chinese, and local artists in two locations: one rural location, Lashihai, and one urban location, Yunnan Provincial capital, Kunming. Lijiang Studio’s primary base is at Lashihai, a rural farming community 20 km from Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Lijiang Studio welcomes artists working any medium, from visual arts to music to literature to performance. Artists are required to pay for their own airfare, internal transportation in China, appropriate insurance, production or project expenses, and general living expenses. The Studio’s goal  is the meaningful interaction between local, Chinese, and non-Chinese artists, which contributes to the long-term development and stimulation of Lijiang. Visiting artists are therefore required to create a project which involves local people, and to organise lessons, master classes, presentations, or workshops in Kunming or Lijiang at least twice per month. 

OCAT International Art Residency, Shenzhen

Through their residency programme, OCAT aims to promote a regular, meaningful dialogue between artists working across disciplines and cultures.  The residencies take place each autumn between 1 September and 30 November. All participants are required to stay for two to three months.  In addition to artists, OCAT welcomes historians, curators, designers, architects, writers and cultural researchers, who may opt to apply for a place on the residencies or to pursue their own projects at other times of the year. Individuals selected to participate in the OCAT International Art Residency receive an economy fare round-trip air ticket from their home country to Shenzhen, accommodation at OCAT for the duration of the residency, and per diems to cover basic daily needs.

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

Platform China's residency programme – Beijing International Artist Platform (BIAP) – aims to establish contact and dialogue between Chinese and International artists, curators, writers, designers, researchers and academics. Applications are invited from artists and curators in visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, new media, with a preference given to performing artists, critics and curators of contemporary art. Most residencies are for eight to 12 weeks. Participants are expected to cover the costs of travel, living, accommodation, studio and the costs of individual special programmes. Each participant is expected to give an artist talk during his/her stay and can choose to have an open studio show during or at the end of the residency.

Red Gate Residency Program, Beijing

Red Gate Residency Programs provide artists, curators, writers and academics with an opportunity to live and work in China. Red Gate has a number of fully self-contained apartments and studio/lofts available that are ready to use. The objective is to provide facilities for you to easily start your project and offer a community in which you can participate as much as you like.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2012