Diwali Festival of Lights

Each year, the Asia New Zealand Foundation helps Auckland and Wellington celebrate Diwali Festival of Lights - India's best-loved festival.

Our festivals feature traditional and contemporary Indian dance and music, food stalls offering a variety of tasty treats from around India, and a grand finale fireworks display.

What is Diwali?

Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and the renewal of life. It is celebrated by people in India and Indians living abroad. Families light lamps, candles and fireworks to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance and good over evil.

Performers at the 2013 Auckland Diwali Festival

Images of Diwali

Missed the 2013 festivals? Here's a few pics to give you a taste of what they were like.

You'll find more images of the festivals on our Facebook page.

Dancers from Jharkhand state in east India were among the international guests at the 2013 festivals

Resources for teachers

Social sciences units of work that encourage students to explore how Diwali is celebrated and to discover why this festival is significant to the peoples of India.

Last updated: 4 Apr 2014