Becoming Asia-equipped

By the time the school entrants of today enter the workforce, Asia’s middle-class is expected to have reached three billion people. The Asia-Pacific will be home to 60 per cent of the world’s middle class.

In 2030, three of the four biggest economies will be in Asia. China is expected to have the largest economy, followed by the US, India and Japan.

Asia’s transformation is transforming New Zealand too. Forty percent of our export goods go to Asia. China is now New Zealand’s largest trade partner. More than 20 percent of in-bound tourists are from Asia and China is our largest source of overseas students.

Nearly one in four Aucklanders are of Asian descent, a figure projected to grow to nearly one in three (30 percent) by 2021. Asian populations are also rising in other parts of New Zealand.

Given these rapid changes, the Asia New Zealand Foundation believes it is important that schools equip their students for their future lives and careers in this Asian century.

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Asia New Zealand Foundation have worked collaboratively with school principals to create a Schools Framework. The framework has been designed to provide schools with a road map to move from being "Asia aware" to "Asia-equipped".

Our Schools Network supports principals and teachers in equipping their students to thrive in the Asian Century.

Last updated: 15 Sep 2014