Navtej Randhawa: A sense of community

As someone with an array of projects under his belt, Navtej Randhawa's got the nous to help others get going on their own ventures. That's what he'll be doing at the Young Leaders Reunion - encouraging others to work together to get their projects off the ground – particularly those that involve contributing to their communities.

Navtej Randhawa“My message is about sharing experiences and good practices – what’s coming up and what works and what we are up to so that we can opt in and out of opportunities.”

Randhawa has been proactively involved with the Indian Kiwi diaspora in New Zealand for the past 10 years. Besides running a radio programme in Punjabi and Hindi on Planet FM, he’s also launched Radio Spice, a 24-hour ethnic community radio station, as well as an online space for the local Indian population to connect and share ideas.

But it’s not just about radio. Randhawa has also set up an Indian folk dance academy to help Indo-Kiwi kids to stay in touch with their roots, as well as a clothing label that helps them positively express themselves.

“What excites me most about the projects I'm involved in,” he said, “is the opportunity to realise my inner beliefs through programmes and labels, and to see others wear my brand to celebrate Indo-Kiwi heritage. I also like seeing kids growing up in a culturally balanced environment.”

Randhawa is looking forward to connecting back with fellow young leaders at the reunion, and refreshing his knowledge of the network. “And also starting new links with other participants – I am looking forward to sharing and listening to different experiences.

“I hope feel refreshed, enriched and energised with more links and ideas to work on – as a team and on an individual level.”

Last updated: 27 Nov 2014